Selecting the right type of weapon for the game at hand is an important consideration before heading out on a trip. While hunters use a variety of weapons and ammunition for all types of game, there are some standard recommendations for popular prey animals. To help guide your weapon selection as you start out, the following recommendations are often made based on the animal in question:


  • Deer
    The most commonly used weapons for deer hunting include bows, muzzleloaders, 10-, 12- or 20-gauge shotguns loaded with buckshot and a variety of rifles. Keep in mind some areas may prohibit the use of rifles when deer hunting.
  • Hogs
    Although the laws in regard to weaponry may vary from state to state, standard hog hunting calls for the use of rifles of any caliber, black powder of any caliber, shotguns, bows and even handguns. Check jurisdictional regulations just to play it safe. In some areas, hog hunting is allowed year-round, as well, because these animals are often considered nuisances.
  • Elk
    This larger game animal can be successfully tagged with a number of different weapons. Depending on the jurisdiction, the weapons of choice include muzzleloaders, high-powered rifles, bows and pistols. The most common weapon used for elk hunting is a high-powered rifle. Bows tend to provide the greatest challenge for the hunter.
  • Duck and other waterfowl
    Bow hunting is permitted in many areas, but shotguns with birdshot are often preferred. The smaller the pellet used, the less likely a shot will destroy the food value of a bird.
  • Turkeys
    Turkey hunters that desire a serious challenge head into the woods armed with nothing more than a bow and some arrows. Since this particular creature is rather crafty, many hunters prefer using a 10- 12- or 20-gauge shotgun with the proper ammunition for birds. The 12-gauge shotgun, however, is favored by many.
  • Bear
    Just about every weapon type is usable for bear hunting, but some jurisdictions may have restrictions. This type of prey, however, does call for a higher caliber shell than many others.
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